this time, you free tayo.


Q. When will it be done?
A. This was supposed to be finished in August 2011 but things came up. Always the way. Work is progressing steadilly so it will eventuate. The current estimate is now the beginning of December 2011.

Q. Is the game free?
A. Yes 100% free. The game idea really belongs to someone else. I can't make money from this. If you paid for it somewhere, you shouldn't have.

Q. Why are you doing this?
A. I'm re-writing N.E.X.U.S. as a way of cementing c++ and game development skills. Also, I loved the original.

Q. What are you using to make the game?
A. The code is written using c++ and using the Orx Portable Gaming Engine. Graphics were created using Blender and cleaned up in The Gimp.

Q. What other games have you done?
A. Much on AMOS. It's been a long time between drinks.